Coding Lab – 3.2.20

Today I went to Coding Lab to troubleshoot the logic roadblocks I was having with last weeks homework. Vince helped walk me through how @State & @Bindings were working in the Mobile Lab Game Kit.

We specifically walked through how avatarPosition was working across views since its needed across all layers. He mentioned how part of the magic that SwiftUI allows us with this system is that when the code goes to $avatarPosition to update the state it won’t get stuck in an infinite / recursive loop.

We then took a look at my app concept of navigating over clouds to reveal cloud names. he suggested approaching it in 3 steps:

  1.  collisionObject 
    1. that you would need to change the let to a var to allow for flexibility in the target size / shape. With the change from the finite let to the versatile var, we can now target that the size variable would need to become 2 different variables: sizeHeight & sizeWidth since in the example the trigger is a square and only needed one dimension repeated twice.
  2. contentView 
    1. Vince then walked me through the simple logic to toggle the background (shifting the color), and that the logic would be the same for switching out images. He created a helper function that is an if/else statement and then called it in the view.  He also reiterated how you cannot declare a function inside a view, that view only wants to deal with things that make instant changes to the canvas. So where calling a function in view would shift the canvas, the process of declaring it doesn’t return anything, therefore would return an error if in view.
  3. Thinking about restrictions in position ( >&< ) logic to create rollovers  
    1. that in the example we did in coding lab, we only restricted in 1 direction, in order to achieve a rollover would need to restrict in all directions

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