Airmasks & Air Quality Sensors

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Thinking about various airmasks & air quality sensors this week for my assignment for Intro to Wearables. I’ve been thinking about air quality masks more in depth since the wildfires on the west coast this past year. Thinking of a device that lets you know when to wear an airmask. Example: air quality sensor + neopixels that change color depending on the air quality, letting you know if the air condition would require a mask.

Hoping to start with this EPA Build Your Own Particle sensor guide for 5-12th grade students that uses the Grove Dust Sensor as a first hardware exploration:

  • “Not a laser design and so doesn’t count individual particals but is instead a cloud sensing arrangement with which one integrates low outputs caused by particles or groups of particles passing through an infrared beam for a period of usually 30 seconds. Good down to one micron which gets it into dust and pollen territory.”





FLOW by Plume Labs / Link Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 3.45.00 AM.png

Wynd Air Quality Tracker // Link 

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Airinum // Link 

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o2 Today // link 

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Cambridge Mask Co  //  link 


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Vogmask // link

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Aircasting Opensource





Various Articles:





Components & Tutorials:



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Intro to Wearables: HW #1

Soft Circuit 1.0 

Some inspiration  for class from our teacher Jingwen:

I was inspired thinking about possible LED systems that could be turned on at night when biking.  The idea would be that you could fasten the switch connection when ready to head home.


I started to read a little bit into Kate Hartman’s book intro to Wearables too:14530-01.jpg


We watched a video called The Next Black for class that we’ll discuss next session. It had me go into a deep dive on youtube looking more into videos from studios and researchers. I also watched some of Eyebeam’s documented talks like this one here and found it pretty interesting? Thinking also about material up verses concept down + the intersection of material science and textiles.

I also enjoyed seeing and hearing about some of the projects from Lauren Bowker’s UK studio the unseen? Especially the ones that dealt with bioluminescence and wind reactivity. I think the idea of reflecting the other elements around us that usually go unseen is a powerful idea to explore ❤ I also really loved her carbon jacket that reflected the air pollution ( and could selfheal – returning to its original state).



In Class Exercise: