Week 7: Midterm Project


Trapped Souls / Jiwon Shin + Becca Moore – 2018


Jiwon Shin and I collaborated for our Midterm Project in Danny Rozin’s Physical Computing class. We created a box of “trapped souls” that need your help escaping! Move the box around to help the souls find their way back into the world. Once you’ve released one, another one will appear that needs your help as well.

See our original project proposal here as well as a progress checkin.  See Jiwon’s awesome post for more extensive process documentation, or you can also continue reading below.



A: ‘Trapped Souls: Dana’  is a video capture of Jiwon testing the VFX and Sound code

B: Trapped Souls (youtube clip): is a quick demo video of the intended interaction. Where with a tilt, the accelerometer knows to apply a specific movement distortion to the ghost image based on the x, y position data change. It keep track of your “attempts”. Once you reach a certain amount of attempts, the soul escapes back into the world ❤

Github code here


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P.Comp: Midterm Progress <3



I made a quick prototype last night with some materials around the house like the cardboard from a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box and a CD case to help with the Pepper’s Ghost illusion. Jiwon kept working with bluetooth options and had a feather coming in tonite. So fun! : D We’re using P5.js on a smartphone to create the image and by decreasing the particle amount, the program is able to run much better now on the phone too ❤

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Full Screen (in browser)

P5.js Editor view

Week 6 Assignment

Create a sketch that it uses HTML controls (like buttons, sliders, text input fields) as a means of modifying the sketch’s behavior in real time. (You can adapt a previous homework assignment for this if you’d like.) BONUS: Incorporate an HTML control from p5.dom that we didn’t talk about in class. Alternatively or in addition, use p5.dom to modify other elements on the page (these elements could be added by hand in index.html or dynamically added by your code.)

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