Thesis: Thinking Through Steps

Thinking Through Steps

Our resident Ilana has been so incredibly helpful (see past post). Was able to get on ITP’s share apple developer account to help with app build limits & was able to finally get my personal one sorted as well ❤ Before office hours she mentioned to check out the next few things:

  1. Be able to create an AR app that places an image on an image target.
  2. Take a photo with your camera/access camera library and as you use the image target that image appears on it. (Try using the plugin)
  3. Take multiple photos or choose multiple images and attach that to your image target.
  4. Add two different image targets. Make that when you take it or select photo to add in your app you will have to ‘tag’ them to a specific image target. The user now will be able to see the specific tagged images in each one of the targets



1 & 2 

Targets & Photo to Texture – Here are some links to different tests so far that help answer prompts 1 & 2. Note the ARFoundationExamples on Github too


  • Vuforia W2 tutorial Magic Windows
  • Screen test only / Try on mobile


  • Vuforia W3 tutorial Magic Window
  • Screen test only / Try on mobile


  • ARfoundationPointCloud/ Plane Detection & Place Cube tutorial Magic Windows


  • Exploring how to save and load session data / to not lose when things have been placed previously see post here



Had difficulty with executingthis tutorial on ARfoundation Image Tracking – builds to device but only flickrs briefly when activated.




Speech/ Reading Explorations 

  • Speech Test with Teachable Machines / P5js
  • See blog post exploring words vs phonemes


  • Speech Recognition Test on Mobile
  • Same blog post as above


Additional References: 

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