Thesis / Freewrite

EmilyFischer of Haptic Laps /

When I close my eyes, I imagine a quilt that captures a piece of the world that is wonderful. Moments that i’d like to freeze in time and be able to share, to cover my self or others in its warmth. This one would be a personal one maybe of places we’ve gone a hikes together, of climbing up cloud capp of the slices of ice bookmarking the steep slope of cooper spur.

This time when i close my eyes i imagine a small quilt that i can make for my nephews. one that incorporates elements of red blue and white from the one that my brother used as a kid, made by my mom’s grandmother speaking low german/dutch?

Almost worn down to tatters with triangles still rescuable, thinking about the maintenance essay of care by Shannon Matter. To reassemble and repair into some thing that reminds them of a park they love. Or the trees who’s leaves remind them that they live in a physical place, grounded in a location with a shared history and world of an ecosystem of a bioregion with its own unique beauty. Would use an ar software like Google Vuforia  + Unity to highlight specific moments. Thinking back to collective narrative / how might we extract the memories from objects? But more importantly is there a way for the user to add and edit their own?

Im also interested in this idea of focused attention, how we use our attention is one of the most radical acts when living in an attention economy world.

I also love projects that bridge the digital and physical world. And collecting things as a kid, and although I’m older now we are always a sum of ourselves in its many evolutions. I still love to collect, collect the little things. Little portals. I remember how callie/swoon mentioned how she felt that museum spaces didn’t feel as if they were meant for her. And I often think how maybe these pocket portals that for some are our wayfinding extensions, for some another extension of a sensory organ. (tega’s talk). Could these help us reclaim the space of a museum? To understand our own experiences or histories through an ar archive?a personal walk?

Maybe a sound quilt? Where whenAR I feel is to reclaim spaces / alternate histories, An exploration project to bring us closer / play with attention as a radical act


Was also inspired by the knitting beyond the scarf class and intro to wearables, how to make these digital experiences soft.