Notes from presentation w/ guest reviewers

What an amazing set of presentations from classmates! The reviewers also had such a wonderful and amazing set of insights for everyone.  Feeling so inspired by everyone. Here’s some feedback/takeaways:

Q’s = feedback from reviewers

A’s = solutions for next draft


Technical clarity  

Q: Unsure which quilts are being used/ mended. Is it one? is it all of them, any of them? 

A: Include a layered final quilt rendering / breakdown of influences. could be a visual timeline of how different family quilts influenced the design decisions or a gif of final quilt build


Q:  Whats the technical journey of the memory. Illustrate the mechanisms making it happen, from captured on mobile to discoverable through quilt to generated tap-able virtual leaves, each revealing a memory (technical demo). an illustrated pathway making the opaque black box transparent

ex: how does a maple leaf memory become digitally tied to image target. How does app know to generate virtual leaves and reveal the correctly associated memories.  Is it connected to a cloud database like Firebase to help with world saving?

A: (technical diagram, moving beyond the UX,UI. showing the data model, flow diagrams of how things are paired, the pathways from camera to swift ui image picker to reality composer to swift ui)


Q: Are the leaves tapped during augmented reality sequence real or virtual

using image of the real leaf in UX of AR/ Explore mode rendering was visually appealing, but confused how the app is used

A: have more explicit text/arrow that says “tap virtual leaves” right now it says just “leaves around you”.

Q: Is it limited to just photos? What kind of memories are being stored / range of media.

    • could it be a larger range of media? storytelling through quilts is an oral history tradition, would be nice to have more audio storytelling / sound and music incorporated. maybe video or gifs

A: have a mvp of images, but reiterate that ideally it would be the range, maybe even audio recording ability vs written with each memory that is stored.


Q: how many and how they then manifest as virtual leaves

          • How is world saving and file management addressed? (technical)
          • How does reality composer communicate with swift ui
        • GPS / Map of memory locations
        • digital background that makes sense?


Conceptual clarity 

        • continuing to pull the thread of looking at past ways of making and telling stories to inform new ones
  • wants to hear more stories like the nephew one woven throughout. 

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