Week 3: Lasercutter & Measurements





revised post: I stumbled into some issues with my plan A of a plant puzzle with my illustrator file ☺️ so to simplify some, scaled back the level of detail in the idea and went for a venm diagram color puzzle with my 2 clear acrylic pieces. I went to canal plastics earlier and got a couple 12”x12” pieces. I used the 1/4” pieces for the puzzle pieces to be easier to pick up and 1/8” for the puzzle outline /frame.

I used gouache to paint out the colors underneath, would like to replace with colored felt maybe? to make it more tactile fuzzy.

Will revisit the plant files in the future, maybe with some 1/8” maple 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.21.58 AM


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