3.4.20 – Understanding ARfoundation Image Tracking

After working through some examples / tutorials last night, I decided to sift back through the AR Tracked Image Manager documentation to see about the following:

  •  multiple targets via an XRReferenceImageLibrary 
    • encountered issues when sifting through the ARfoundation example via GitHub ❤ mostly worked though! Was having trouble showing the last 3 I added
  • dynamic + modifiable / mutable libraries in runtime 
    • how to dynamically change the image library live via ios camera or camera roll  (most likely through a MutableRuntimeReferenceImageLibrary)



Helpful References:



Looking through the ARfoundation Trackables / ImageTracking Documentation: 

  • AR Tracked Image Manager 
    • The tracked image manager will create GameObjects for each detected image in the environment. Before an image can be detected, the manager must be instructed to look for a set of reference images compiled into a reference image library. Only images in this library will be detected


  • Reference Library  
    • XRReferenceImageLibrary
    • RuntimeReferenceImageLibrary
      • RuntimeReferenceImageLibrary is the runtime representation of an XRReferenceImageLibrary
      • You can create a RuntimeReferenceImageLibrary from an XRReferenceImageLibrary with the ARTrackedImageManager.CreateRuntimeLibrary method

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