AITA: Visiting the Library of Congress

This past week we went as a class with Jer to visit the Library of Congress! We got to meet the people skyping with our class this semester and saw many things from different collections/departments. Everyone was very generous with their time and at the end we all got our LOC readers card for future research ‚̧

I was able to stop by the Young Readers Center for a a little bit before 4pm. Their program coordinator Sasha has been really helpful and told me that they hope to highlight Strong Women in their book collection coming up soon for the in memory of the Women’s suffrage movement.

Departments we visited:

  • Main Reading Room / Card Catalogs
  • Manuscripts
  • Rare Books
  • American Folk Life Collection

And during the last hour stopped by the Young reader’s center and the Maps collection. It was really cool seeing the maps that Rashida and Effy requested of India and Guangzhou. I was able to look at maps of Ireland from the 1500s and Karina started looking at different representations of wind in the map marginalia. More soon!

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