Paper Engineering: Final Project Brainstorm


Coral Kingdom – A Popup Memory Game

Thinking about creating a memory game for ages 2-6, where the case [much like the image from above that’s taken from Imagination Magnets] has a scene of a coral reef with a magnetic back (metal plate behind coral reef image).

A deck of cards (3-5 for proof of concept?) have fish images with their names that match popup board tiles. The board tiles can be placed randomly (magnetic backs), with a question mark on the front when closed. When the Popup tiles are opened they reveal a popup fish found in the coal reef alongside its name.

Imagining the popup tiles sort of in the style of the side pufferfish popup in Wild Oceans by Lucio SantoroMeera Santoro

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 6.02.43 AM.png



Other Ocean / Educational popup spreads:




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