Soft Robotics: Hw#7c + #8

Week 4 Assignment

  • #7 Silicone Casting Blog: Design Your Own Mold
    • Design an original/variation mold concept
    • Can be digitally designed or physically designed
      • 3D modeled/printed, Laser Cut, Cardboard
      • Simple or as complex as you like
      • Try to use less than 100g of silicone to conserve materials for classmates
    • Make a test cast
    • Photograph your finished mold and cast and write up a “lessons-learned” statement on your blog
    • Email your link and bring your physical prototype to class
  • #8 Make Quad Chart of Final Project 1st Idea Proposal
  • Optional Reading: Soft Robotics Commercialization: Jamming Grippers from Research to Product



Hope to think about a HASEL actuator variation this week ❤ Still deciding what sounds fun for the final

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