Paper Engineering: Hw#4




For this week’s assignment: Make something modular I decided to revisit the  Sonobe Origami unit Sam introduced us to in class. He mentioned that it’s a common building block for many shapes. In class he had us fold a single one, and then as a group assemble our individual pieces into a cube.

After some googling of sonobe unit shapes I came across the Modular Origami Icosahedron from 30 Sonobe units! See inspiration post here. Although I really love the color study ones, but knew I should take it slow and start with understanding the form.

These Icosaherdon’s are made from cut squares from old magazines. The two links below really helped remind me what we folded in class & how to then make the Icosahedron.


I really enjoyed the all text one as a poetic way to interact with text & create new coincidences of story and word pairs from the random weaving of the text sheets.




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