Designing Meaningful Interactions: W1

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5 Characteristics of a good UX:

  1. intuitive
  2. efficient
  3. memorable
  4. anticipate errors
  5. satisfying

The focus of this class is user experience design –how to create interfaces that get people to take the action you intended them to take and how to make that interaction an intuitive, satisfying and compelling experience. We will look at a wide range of examples of interaction design and explore different approaches to approaching and solving user experience problems across a number of platforms including web interfaces, mobile applications, touch screen and physical objects.

Teacher: Katherine Dillon 

A List Apart
Boxes and Arrows
Design Modo
Frog Design: Insights Sensing
Information Architects
Johnny Holland
Little Big Details
Mashable UX Category
Nielsen Norman Group Alertbox
Putting People First
UX Booth



Class structure

  1. W1 = Define the Problem
  2. W2 = Mapping & Solving
  3. W3 = Testing / Solution
  4. (if thesis semester? Think about applying to thesis – making sure you aren’t designing it for itself but for the larger target audience)



“Focus on the User and all else will follow” – Google 10 things

  • Venn diagram
    • depending where you are (team, project or company) person could be responsible for 1 up to all four categories
  • Definition Sheets
  • UxI = Where the button goes
  • IxD = how does the interaction feel for the user?
  • Product Design = often Equals both
  • HCI Class @ Tandon = psychology of human behavior and mapping to design processes
  • insight (research & testing)
  • Empathy (understanding the experience)
  • Creativity (big & small ideas)


7 Concepts of UX via Norman:

  1. affordances
  2. signifiers
  3. constraints
  4. mapping
  5. visibility
  6. feedback
  7. anticipation


Freezer Redesign Exercise:

Map the User Journey:

–> sequential vs experiential touch points




sarah-student-persona-example-750x563.pngPersona Exercise

Definitely take the time to create first-person statements from your personas, but ensure that these are carefully thought out and incorporate his or her experience, pain points and motivations.



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