Persona: Karen – Finding frames on Zenni Optical (from search ability to check out)


Personal Background:

  • Name: Karen
  • Age: 25 – 35
  • Lives in Boston, MA
  • In a Relationship
  • Qualitative Market Research Analyst for Tech Companies
  • Dual BA in Psychology & Art at Washington University in Saint Louis



Qualitative Market Research Analysis, Design, Psychology, Art,  Community Activism, Comics & Graphic Novels, Games, Animation, Textiles & Fibers, Cooking, Dancing,  Health & Wellness, Bargain Hunting, Browsing the internet (not so much social media but more like reddit)


Day in the Life:

“I Wake up around 6 and usually work from 9-5. I work as a Qualitative Market Research Analyst in a position that is 6-8 hours a day. When not on back to back calls with clients, the team, or interviewees I’m making sure to develop and reply to all needed reports and paperwork. If I don’t have a call setup I have has some flexibility mid day to break and then reach the 6-8 hours target later in the day. I commute in to the office 3 days of the week and then work from my home office the other two.

We often travel nationally and internationally to conduct in depth interviews or focus groups. With multiple cities, sometimes countries in a week. Only if the travel is on a weekend do I get time to explore the city we’re staying in, other wise working on reports or preparing materials. Those trips tend to be pretty grueling and we aren’t always getting the most sleep.

When I’m back at home I love to cook. We just got an instantPot and have been cooking all sorts of meats that would normally take so many hours to get as tender as they do in just say 45 minutes? We just made a great Lamb Vindaloo and mango lassis! I also love to just fuck around on the internet. Searching eBay and reading reddit is really relaxing for me. The communal voice on reddit is snarky, entry curious, and maybe a healthy level of suspicious at the same time. Obviously there are unhealthy corners but try to stick to the healthy communities on it. I’ve been reading so much. My partner and I also have video game routines where if its a 1st person style like Zelda, I’ll play the shit out of it but if it’s an online coop game my Partner will.

I like to be immersed in a (open) world, that’s what I really seek video game wise. Dlisted is something I still check on too, its the dumbest shit in my life, I’m not proud to be an avid reader.. (gives headlines example).. That’s hilarious! Are you kidding me? I want the news but sometimes filtered through a voice that’s reasonable for me, having it filtered through other people’s humor and understanding makes it manageable for me. It helps remove me from the shock & awe.

The downside to that approach is I notice that I can seek an escapist role playing video games vs say spending time with  people in coop mode. A big concern for me these days is making sure to check myself, and not retreating into an isolationist place or lose touch with the things that really matter to me. I make an effort to call different friends 3-4 times a week. Part of my habits are to isolate vs finding the community that matters most to me, but you have to remember that even in those communities, you need to remember the ones that are close to you.”



Main Problem:

  • What if I can’t find something I like as much as my current frames?
    • (cost of re-lensing frames is too expensive).
  • Check out process isn’t as user friendly as it could be
    • (if user was unfamiliar with all of the terminology within the customizable options). “
  • Try on room” isn’t helpful due to stock image approach.
  • lack of accurate search tags: “Cat eye glasses example”



  • What is it about the low cost factor that part of me allows more flexibility in a bad user experience design?
  •  What kind of markup am I experiencing on frames from post manufacturing stage – “Since I know from a friend that has worked for glasses companies, it only takes around a dollar to manufacture the physical frames, so I’m always concerned about what kind of mark up I’m compensating for in payment. I feel that the prices on Zenni Optical make more sense to me for now much manufacturing and labor might cost vs brands that fall under the Luxottica umbrella?”


Content preferences: 

Ebay, Reddit, D-listed, Asos


Keywords: searchability, customization, user-friendly, informative, variety, cost-efficient,

Goals: Short term – find a pair of glasses she likes as much as her current ones with a new subscription without having to go to an instore location, but still understand what she’s getting without trying on physically? Wants the feeling of sifting and serendipity.


Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.29.18 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.28.32 AM.png


Zenni Optical



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