Persona: James – Geotagging and live tracking interface with the Plan Grid mobile app

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Personal Background:

  • Name: James
  • Age: 25 – 35
  • Lives in Nashville, TN
  • Married with two children
  • Senior Landscape Designer and Urban Planner
  • AB University of Chicago ’07
    MUP Harvard GSD ’10
    MLA University of Virginia ’13


Interests: landscape architecture, urban planning, public policy, soundscapes,  landscapes, songwriting, cooking, reading, gardening, biking, family

Day in the Life:  

i wake up around 5 and help with the baby if he’s up, then i go to the gym a couple blocks away. i come home eat breakfast and head to work aft a landscape architecture firm. i work as a lead designer and project manager so depending on the projects and what phase they’re in im doing a range of things all day from internal and client meetings to on site visits and mapping with our plans and the construction team. we use the app plangrid, maybe this functionality exists and i’m not aware? ( at least it’s not easy to find if it does?) but it would ge nice if u could pull up our plans when on site and see us walking through our plans like a google map layer, with us as a blue dot moving through it real time. right now we don’t know how to geotag thenlocations of specific items to the plans on plangrid is when we show up on site with construction workers or trying to communicate where a trail should be when it’s going to moved over 5 feet, it’s been difficult. right now we have to jump in and out of the app to show teams as we walk through sites between our own photos w geotags and then our cloud stored plan through the app. i wish it could be folded all into one in a more seamless way. right now the flow is a little clunky and impractical to use when leading or communicating on site walk throughs. we bumped into this again even this week. like  mentioned maybe the functionality exists? but it’s such an important one and the visibility isn’t there as an intuitive user interaction.

usually i get home around 6 and help cook dinner and hang with my wife and kids. help them take baths and tuck them into bed. afterwords i sometimes get to hang with my wife and read for a book club i’m in or work on songwriting. but usually i’m helping with the baby or preparing for work the next day.  we’re pretty tired early with the kids and the youngst not sleeping the whole night through so we’re usually headed to bed around 10.





Main Problem: unable to geotag photos and elements to plans through the team used application plangrid.

Content preferences:

Keywords: functionality, geotagging, streamlined, intuitive, high visibility

Again, it’s important to be specific. Drill down – what frustrates this persona? What stands in the way of his or her goals?

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