Explore Quilt AR mode: Scene flow brainstorm

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 12.29.03 AM


Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.05.21 PM.png








  • The main question is how should an image appear that’s been tagged to the species?
  • hoping to start with the inspiration of this image, the act of picking up leaves from the ground to look at them closer
  • Might also be good to look at Adobe Aero



Some Influences 


I’ve also been revisiting some projects that I feel influenced this one as well on a subconscious level.  An early Kimchi & Chips exploration as well as some really beautiful embroidered icelandic landscapes from the turn of the 20th century at the museum Safnasafnid in Aykeuri.



Explore Quilt Mode: building out custom behaviors 

Animated GIF

Image Anchor:  Embroidered Maple leaf  

  • falling leaves =  primitive shapes + physics enabled 
  • on tap behavior to pull up UI / tagged leaf  memory 




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