R&D – Quilt AR + Timeboxing

Today Im testing out a method Sarah suggested to us in thesis of Timeboxing. With timeboxing you choose a certain time frame for the completion of a specific task, pencils down on that task no matter what when the time ends, no judgement on quality this round.

Since my mobile lab final is my thesis app/ar side, hoping to apply this technique to get me back to where i hope to be timeline wise. Need to do last weeks W9 & W10’s assignment. After office hours it sounds like focusing this week on the R&D will be most helpful.


11:15pm – 12:15pm

Beginning this next hour+ with a brainstorming activity on the similarities, differences and important aspects for two main parts of project: quilts & trees:

Brainstorm on Trees 20 min

Brainstorm on Quilts 20 min

Brainstorm on how possible interactions / experience paths 20 min



Prototype with reality composer 

12:45pm – 1:45pm

Choose an interaction

What are technical limitations to consider? Or questions that come to mind?



Past brainstorms to look at as well:

  • From inspiration to ideas
  • thesis freewrite
  • ar lotus flower
  • user tests


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