Thesis: Office hours 2.18 / Sarah Rothberg

Met with Sarah today to check in about thesis updates. We walked through the mvp and talked about what to note from it for future:


  • for documentation
    • reshoot video of mvp experience (can use as reference later down the line)
    • include storyboards
    • start noting anytime specific design forks happen, or decisions made for a certain effect // keep a log
      • ex: choosing to make the app less game like (instead of having extra mobile navigation options, choosing to keep it simple, focusing more on the human interaction
      • ex: what does it mean to bring the tech to the night time routine?
        • instead – making design decisions that encourage day time use of
        • choosing to make a throw sized quilt verses a twin or queen
    • update thesis journal
      • to include all requested items / weekly posts that are mirrored in personal blog
      • think more of a lit review verses bibliography / works cited – how does the research support or feed into the larger concepts being explored. how does it affect your thinking or  project?


  • Questions for User testing 
    • who is holding the phone? (parent / kid)
    • how to solidify that its a multi user experience / underscore the time spent together – human interaction
    • what scenarios / time of day would quilt be used? verses bedtime?

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