PT 2 – Class 2

In Class (2.11) 

Presentations Part II 

Breakout groups Prototype Review

  • develop questions for user testing to see if your prototype meets your personal rubric (and the ITP requirements) 
  • Discuss strategies for user testing and evaluate your schedules


Keep working (“AYP”): 

  • Option 1: develop and refine your current prototype
  • Option 2: develop a second simple prototype  if your first did not satisfy your personal rubric
  • User Testing: Using your prototype and specific questions, do a user test with three people outside of our class, one of whom should be an outside expert in your field. Take notes, post on the blog. 

Highly Recommended (after your prototype user test): 

  • Create a more refined schedule (with specific tasks) for getting you to a functional, documented version of your project by March 10. If you’re not ready to do this, please make an OH with Sarah to discuss why not!

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