Thesis: W2 – MVP

For homework this week we were to create a MVP prototype of our thesis. To imagine as if it were due and have the interaction at least play test-able.

Since my Vuforia tests are taking a little longer than expected, hoping to storyboard out in drawings and then have a printed quilt with the attachable “leaf ids” that can be activated through Eyejack to simulate the AR experience. ( Playing off of some of the observations from playing with different AR apps)

After spending a month back in TN with family I got to hang out with my nephews a good bit. We got the oldest an ElectroDough kit , although he loved everything about it it was clear that the badges really helped him go through things in a specific order, and increased his desire to achieve all stages. Inspired me to think about if there was a way that parents could then add on different leaf patches (which unlocks additional AR interaction) as they come across them in the real world. Similar to a leaf id print out or fieldguide.





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