AR Strengths / Weaknesses this week thesis teacher Sarah asked me to playtest as many AR apps as I could and see what their strengths and weaknesses were. Then to think which strengths make sense to design for into my mvp / first prototype. For this round I got to test out about 1o different ones and hope to keep exploring more:


David Bowie AR Exhibit 

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 3.41.56 PM.png

  • good range of media available (costumes, liner notes, videos, etc)
  • liked the map of gallery lay out / table of contents
  • good onboarding
  • audio levels of various media (narrator vs song clips) were surprisingly different / a little too jarring in difference?
  • reiterated the importance of mastering / unifying & double checking levels for possible use cases (ex: with earbuds vs over ear headphones)



  • voice activation to move story forwards
    • encourages interaction with characters / makes the illusion feel more believable as a dialogue exchange
    • builds reading skills
  • some stories have difficulty with scale if immobile (like tucked in for bed)? but it is meant to encourage the user to move around
  • good on boarding to make sure the room is light enough and that the mic & camera permissions are on



  • Wonderscope Story – Red Riding Hood
    • uses the ability to go into spaces like entering the house with your phone moving through the door
    • like the others, can click on items that the character needs to move the story forward
      • has a visual indicator of sparkle particles that radiate vertically off the item to be found / clicked (helpful with
    • increases interactivity by having user read verb commands that then affect the animations like “spin” or “sprinkle”
    • liked the educational aspect of the bigdipper & the north star


  • Wonderscope Story – Sinclair Snakes – Museum Mischief
    • liked the use of different tool interactions
      • flashlight to search for hiding snake
      • duster to dust for footprints
      • how the ar museum rooms highlight


Big Bang in AR : Cern 

Weird Type – Zach Lieberman 




My Caterpillar 

Some nature apps (non ar)

Picture this



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