Mobile Lab: W1 assignment – 1 button app


For week one we were to “Create a One Button app” using the one button code kit.  I  decided to make a “free museum access” app that lists all the museums we can get into free with our NYU student ID. It’s such a great benefit and am always forgetting! This helps me keep the list in one place but also as a visual suggestion of somewhere to go that day. The list is pulled from the post on the NYU site here.

After adding Images to the list I realized that the white text was hard to read so looked around and found a way to create a background box with opacity. However the background box is not responsive when you rotate the phone from portrait to landscape. Something to trouble shoot for in next steps.

I also tried it as a randomized list but enjoyed the more straightforward click through to help reiterate what the waived admissions options were better. Initially was thinking of a “What museum should I go to today?” randomized app and it reminded me just how often I forget about the free access we get with our student ids at certain ones.

Could see a next step iteration combining some of the things learned from the Swift UI lab with map location. Or having  the address/train stops in a Vstack below the museum name.



  • how to outline text, like if using white text how to create a drop shadow or black outline to better separate from background image
  • how to have font color responsive if people select light or dark mode on their phones
  • best practices for crediting assets in app code
  • how to have the app restart from beginning when reopened, currently will start from last frame clicked





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