Magic Windows: HW 1.1 & 1.2

Hw – 1.1 Augment a Space 

For this assignment I knew I wanted to explore and learn a little of Madmapper. I’ve always heard about it but have never gotten to try – their free demo projects their logo so please ignore the large lettering ❤ I love projection mapping that highlights details of architectural spaces. In the lines of “if these walls could talk” thought about all the sounds and music the walls around me have absorbed over the years, including a music video collection for me when younger was The work of Directors: Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry. 

Several videos introduced me to idea of “augmenting” or hacking our perception and reality and felt like a great building block so to speak. Although this exploration isn’t necessarily dynamic, there is no human interaction, there still feels like a special moment of altering an every day surrounding, a brick wall in our apartment here. Could imagine making it interactive where tapping one of the blocks would have a ripple effect of some kind.

Original 5 music videos inspired by the Work of Directors series I grew up watching a lot that inspired the selection below:




Hw 1.2 – Give a favorite AR/XR inspiration / example 

I’ve enjoyed playing with the Wonderscope app recently. Its use of voice activation to help the user feel more connected to the characters of the story while building reading skills felt compelling. With all voice assisted technologies and speech recognition it always leaves the question of which voice is it trained for? But felt like it was definitely a playful use of animation & ar. It also provides  a great onboarding process before a story unfolds.


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