Making Data Tangible: Fusion 360



Things to note

  • pick tool first and then choose the thing you want to work on (a flipped work flow to illustrator)
  • start with a sketch (2d shape)
  • 3d printers work in MM
  • could also import svg file from illustrator and extrude it to a 3d shape
  • revisit screen flow recordings
  • Udemy course is the best (wait for a sale)
    • robust rundown / 12 hr completion time
    • can ask for signin info
    • teaches you to measure with calipers first to then recreate shapes in software
  • always check for overhangs in design when moving to printing
  • nozzle size = the smaller the higher res
  • will need a dongle for sd card


Work flow

  • pick a plane
  • 2d box (draw the thing)
  • translate to 3d


Sketch 1

  • placing a 2d shape
  • select shape
  • modify -> press pull [make sure youre out of sketch mode


Funnel Example

  • remember the 3 steps: pick a plane, draw the shape, and extrude it
  • many ways to place a plane
    • ex: off set, tangent, middle planes
      • uses offset the most
  • solid -> loft
    • many ways to loft
    • ex: can make it rounded
  • rounding corners
    • Fillet cmd



Circular Chart Example

  • good at creating a circular pattern
    • play with the option box
      • ex: Faces vs Bodies
      • ex: Axis
  • pipe cmd & sweep (play with on own time)



Revolve Example

  • can make your own custom shape
    • ex: soundwave
    • revolve dialogue box:
      • select
      • axis
      • will then complete the shape in the round


Prepping for 3d printing

  • save as stl
  • check for over hangs in design
  • dialogue box


Ultimaker Cura

  • material = PLA, corn starch based
  • infill
  • tends to not mess with layer height
  • supports are a pain
  • choose build plate adhesion
  • save file to ultimaker sd card



How to move a placed object




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