Office Hrs w/ Danny



Today I scheduled a couple office hours, one with Danny & one with Jingwen later tonite for Intro to Wearables. I wanted to talk about the possibilities of using a servo motor on a garment to help reveal elements in an automated way. We talked about lots of possibilities from complex to more simplified, with the simplest option being a drawstring pull that would reveal an element on the back like a curtain pull.


Initially talked about / thought through a couple concepts / questions:

  • Gravity is our friend: 
    • how to take advantage of gravity when designing for automation?
      • ex: instead of it being a horizontal reveal? Make it vertical instead for a smooth motion
        • this will also help with not creating a feeling of a new appendage due to the metal dowel sweeping out


  • Storytelling:
    • What is this interaction trying to articulate?
      • Are there symbolisms or analogies its conveying?
      • What is it about eye mimicry that I’m hoping to incorporate?
        • thinking about its actual protective or attracting functionality in nature
    • Using Natural mechanical processes to guide the design decisions?
      • How aspects of our body already perform similar motor functions / how to mirror it like an eyelid shutting & opening?


  • How to make it soft vs hard:
    • how to hide the mechanical parts to make it feel more incorporated & soft?
      • ex: hiding the servo in a michael jackson style shoulder pad, epaulettes or a puffy collar
      • Thinking about how to have a external layer that could protect the hardware / hide the servo + metal dowel? Maybe elevated shoulder pads that slightly project backward

A) Thinking about the history of epaulettes from military to decorative

B) The Storm Shield / Gun flap on coats?” Assumed by many to be padding for a rifle butt, the “gun” flap is actually a protective flap to ensure water does not slip into the jacket as it runs down the shoulders.”

C) Using seam lines to help disguise elements?


Servos + Pushrods

Connecting Servos & Shafts


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