Artist in the Archive: W6

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 2.08.51 AM

Link to Southern Mosaic Project by Aditya Jain

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 2.10.58 AM

This week was a breather class, designed to give us time to sit with some of the questions we’ve had over the last few weeks as well as work through a brainstorming activity of what projects around the collections could be like. We also walked through the really great project by Aditya Jain ” Southern Mosaic Project” where he visualized the potential journey of the Lomax’s as they collected field recordings.  He also chose to dig deeper too in a beautiful way, really trying to understand who the people were that they recorded, and what their stories are (a surprisingly large missing aspect from the Lomax collection). Based on name records he was able to find a good bit about some musician’s backstories, including the fact that many were incarcerated at the time of the recordings.

One issue he originally had when diving in was that he tried to use the Google API forgetting that the Highways hadn’t been built yet. After finding a map that fit the years the recordings were made, he was able to map a potential path.


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