Applications 11/27: Susan Meiselas

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 3.21.58 AM.png

This week in class our guest speaker was the incredible photographer Susan Meiselas! 

She gave an inspiring talk walking through the history of her body of work, as well as in detail about her process with her 6 year long  Kurdistan archive project. , including how they created more of a site specific component to the traveling exhibition. She left us with the main question: “How do you get people to be present or engaged?”

With heading to the Mexico border soon she was reminded on a visceral level of past experiences ❤ Some of the take away ideas she left us with:

  • the power of books as objects
  • the power of photographs
  • building collective history
  • the poetic narrative of fragments
  • That your life’s work/path  is always an evolving & continual journey
  • To feel comfortable with pushing into the unknown

interview with Susan 


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