PCOMP: Final Project Brainstorm pt 2





After making a small scale birdhouse prototype, I did a in depth dive into Ebird’s local data on Prospect Park. It’s pretty amazing! It allows you to see all the data (birds recorded via citizen science) data from 1909 til today. It provides graphs of frequency, abundance, and you can sort all 209 species either by date or highest count. Pretty incredible resource.  They have a printable check list with all species here as well as a map of locations of increased chances of seeing certain ones here.

One of the things that led me to ITP was thinking about educational interactives, and projects that help us better engage with history and elevate the world around us. I was brainstorming a couple things. Part of this investigation I think after some deep reflection, really is rooted in memorial to a close friend that passed, and her love for nature. Although her love wasn’t necessarily bird specific, her love for hikes and walks is what brought it to mind. As well as engaging with your local community. Which is what I think led me to wanting to create a project that encouraged me to engage with the park closest to me, and a way of walking through and recording it’s nature in both a solitary and community way.

Musicology of Birds / Birds songs & Birds Reflected in Music

Another thing that brought us together, and all of us living together at the time, I feel was our love for music. She was always researching the music of all the countries she lived in – Brazil, Kenya, Turkey, Italy and understood how it could be both playful and political. I think for both of us we tended to bond over the way we saw culture reflected through music. During our time of living together, her and another very close friend had a radioshow at school, and we always were tuned in to the community station for Brazil hour.

The prototype shape, although was originally thinking about the viewfinders we come across at parks, got me thinking about the history of coin-operated music and video. Things like a Nickelodeon and the Jukebox

For Icm I had started thinking as a way to bridge the two projects thematically, about bird’s songs, and our songs as humans we’ve written throughout history inspired by them, either through subject matter, or mimicking it through note intervals or song structure(call & response). As a more maybe corny but still just truly amazing soul hit? Ex: Mocking bird by Inez Fox & Charlie as well as Aretha Franklin’s version too – Thinking about how nature is reflected in many of the arts including in music:



Ex: The Swallow ❤






Ex: The Dove ❤




Thinking about the history of coin-operated devices / interaction design & aesthetics of juke boxes

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