Week 3: Brainstorm


(Tanagram by

Week 3 in Intro to Fabrication focuses on Measurements & Lasercutting. Working with Jiwon in Pcomp for midterms led me to thinking about possible puzzle ideas for my nephews ❤

Both are rapidly learning the world around them. I started researching possible ideas, and knew i wanted it to be more of a Montessori/educational style puzzle connecting their home/ their parents’ love of nature? Went down a rabbit hole of Tangram, wooden blocks, and educational tools ❤




Idea 1:

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 7.22.59 PM.png

Inspired by many Tangram




Idea 2

il_570xN.1278436269_21ik.jpgLeaning towards an  educational puzzle based of trees in their yard or flowers in their mom’s garden: (all images from Etsy search: wooden kids puzzles)



Idea 3

Could also be fun to create a set of constellation flashcards for an iPhone flashlight

Constellation Cards-1

DIY constellation flashlight cards 

iphone flashlight style

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