Week 2: repeatability


Assignment: Make the same object 5 times    or more. Think about materials and techniques that may help you with the process

For this weeks assignment in Fabrication I decided to make the same wooden storage bin 5 times, knowing that we needed some more storage solutions at home.




(More info about process soon)



Originally I was thinking about birdhouses, and how there are 1 board plans for them. But a have decided to put that research towards a P.Comp project and moved towards thinking about space storage. Spent a couple hours looking at different ideas and was inspired by measurements / open plans by Ana White. Ended up using 3 MDF 2’x2′ boards from Home Depot. And created both a cardboard & MDF version first to test.

Eventually will collage or paint them ❤  Due to weather and the size of the boards. I ended up working from Prospect Lefferts, and rented a jigsaw from our local hardware cutting the pieces down to an easier size. And used a ruler + clamps to help setup the cuts for repeatability.  Ended up sanding to help even out ones that came out with a rougher cut<3




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