CommLab: Storyboard session



When brainstorming, we all really like the idea of a design fiction, while thinking about the concept of magic and technology. We were inspired by Apple Event videos (specifically the 2018 September Event and the Iphone announcement in 2007) + the Adult Swim style BroomShakalaka video when looking through references from class .  If we cut down the storyboard? We’ll remove the intro paraody, and flesh-out Act 2



Team: Jaekook Han, Hayek Mikayelyan, Becca Moore

Option A: A 2-4 minute (max) promotional video for an invented object or service. This could be an infomercial, a design fiction, or an instructable

Product Announcement: i.Bracadabra

Company: Waffle 

Synopsis: It’s the year 2050, where magic has become an everyday reality. Wooden wands have expanded people’s daily abilities to perform tasks like moving objects and flying. Stefan Bobbs from the company Waffle is announcing his new revolutionary wand.






iBracadabra story board draft

board pg 1pg 2IMG_6287





Link to Sound walk reflection here 




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