Commlab: Liminal Spaces Soundwalk

Duration: 5:00
Starting Point: The Paulette Goddard Staircase in the Tisch Lobby
Team: Mary Notari, Brent Bailey, Becca Moore 

For our first assignment in Comm Lab:Audio & Video, we learned about and experimented with sound. I learned so much from my collaborators. We realized the value of brainstorming tools, like whiteboards, to help us map out our process. It helped us map the narrative arc of the piece.

Our feedback from the class was very helpful! We had been struggling with a way to make our theme less abstract – more specific. We had started with an umbrella concept of liminal space, inspired by the stairwell. We had wanted to highlight liminal architectural spaces like the stairwell, elevator, the lobby or a bench. Moments of the in between. As we re-routed to make our walk more physically accessible – we found ourselves in the lobby and attracted to architectural moments and textures. And were very inspired by Marina’s feedback to think about “what does it mean to move through a liminal space”. We had chosen a Solnit quote, compelled by her themes of inbetween-ness and how stories are often our compasses through our liminal ever shifting landscapes of cities.

To respond to what we could have done differently? If we were to do another iteration?I think really distilling a “through-line”. We may have started with thinking about liminal spaces? but could be good to keep the pulse on how the project evolves through the collaboration, sometimes that means it starts to shape in a different way thematically.

I think a post-it note wall organization strategy could help us arrange the elements we explored. I think by trying to organize it in that manner, the through-line would start to emerge. It could’ve helped to have started off the project that way too – then we using  the same post-it notes to our development arc timeline.

I would also have had us all sit down, and demo/decide a workfile system. Mary showed me a fun/ helpful way to incorporate google drive autosync for shared files, but i think my update wasn’t quite registering.

Working with Brent and Mary was super inspirational  🙂 ❤




Link to Next Assignment/ Storyboarding


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