Thesis / building the top quilt


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To help me explore quilting have read through parts of Simple Geometric Quilting by Laura Preston of Vacilando Quilting Co.

Today was looking through the section ” Building a Quilt”. Looking for piecing tips to build out the pinwheel shape based on my great grandmother’s pinwheel. Will be using old sheets and pillowcases here in the apartment to create a cream & white pinwheel. In the user testing one of the favorite aspects was the filling in of color, to unlock color and images through the mobile device. That it helped tie the two together, creating a feeling of dependency between the two aspects vs two disparate things.


  • considering the right & wrong side of the quilt
    • right side = top side of quilt
    • wrong side = backside of fabric
    • want stitches to be on back side
  • seam allowance
    • seam allowance for piecing  = 1/4″  (6mm)


Setting up sewing machine

last holiday i got a Janome Arctic Crystal beginner sewing machine,   with trying to stay home when we can to flatten the curve have set it up in our apartment. Newer to machine sewing I facetimed with my mom for a quick setup lesson. The instructions with the machine had forgotten to mention an essential step for winding a bobbin, and within minutes Bonnie was able to help set me up, with her camera view on her machine. It reminded me a little of an article from NYT about facetiming with family and friends in ways that are new for some of us.



Pinwheel Block History 


Misc References


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