Thesis: Thinking about Collections

For my project’s MVP I hope to build an app that lets me create my own tree species image collections from images selected from my camera roll or taken live.

Those images would then be added to a list or dictionary (form to be explored). This collection could then be used as texture wraps viewable in AR exploration mode (Unity + ARfoundation + Swift/IOS).

Things to also consider is dynamic/mutable libraries, Loading Resources at Runtime,  and world saving or some ability to save the changes to collections once the app is closed.

Other things noted: Coroutines , Quaternions


Brainstorming App build 

Overall AR App brainstorm


AR App3_Flowonly
Flow of interaction



Brainstorming around ways to organize Tree Species image groupings 

  • List
    • is like a dynamically sized array, you don’t need to know how many elements it will have ahead of time
    • can store any type 
    • using
      • UnityEngine;
      • System.Collections;
      • System.Collections.Generic;
    • can create a constructor and then populate your list
    • .Add
      • add function to add to end of the list
    • .Count
      • same as length property of arrays
    • .Remove
    • .Insert
    • .Clear
  • Dictionaries 


  • Dictionary 
  • to ideally have each associated target collection wrap as image textures around associated prefabs (like planes)


Maybe it would function something like this could work for the mvp?  Although it is for sprites, could work similarly for images.

It contains similar steps needed:


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