Magic Windows: Reading – Mixed Reality Service

Mixed Reality Service (2016) by Mark Pesce – link to article

The article reiterates the importance of connectivity and collaboration of the web and the consequent  need for an open foundation of protocols that support connectivity for VR and MR. He then unpacks the importance of the Mixed Reality Service (MRS) which provides the ability “to map URIs to arbitrary geospatial or 3D coordinates”.


From the abstract:

The Mixed Reality Service (MRS) provides registration and discovery services binding the real world of geospatial coordinates to the virtual world of Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs). The MRS protocol consists of three commands: ‘add’ and ‘delete’, which allow additions and deletions to a mapping of geographical coordinates to URIs; plus ‘search’, which performs searches by geospatial coordinates, returning a list of matching mapped URIs. Potential uses of MRS include mixed reality applications, guidance for autonomous vehicles and drones, and vastly simplified delivery of nearly all location-based services. Simple modifications to MRS make it suitable for shared virtual worlds.”



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