Mobile Lab: HW4

For homework this week we were to play with the Mobile Lab Game Kit and to build out a visual metaphor with a possible win state. The organization of the codekit is to encourage us to structure our code with the root/main code with branches / separate swift files. An emphasis on:

  • App architecture (data flow) review
  • @State, @Binding, “Source of truth”
  • Metaphor
  • View Composition, Refactoring


IMG_2678 2.JPG

I was inspired by a book on our bookshelf The Cloud Collector’s handbook by the Cloud Appreciation Society. Hoping to build a iteration of the codekit where a spaceship or some avatar navigates through different tropospheric clouds:

  • cumulonimbus
  • cirrocumulus
  • altocumulus
  • cumulus


Troposhperic Cloud Classification IMG_2681 2

IMG_2697 3





Quick References:


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