Mobile Lab: Hw2 – interactive poster



For this week’s homework I tried out two ideas but went for the more minimalist shape based graphic style of musician Tycho’s record art, specifically Montana. It reminded me of some of the Swiss poster design references from class. In my  sketch I played with increasing duration of the animation by .25 with each consecutive triangle in sequence. also used scaleEffect to make the triangles larger.







Was really inspired by the tutorial below. Would like to restructure my code to have a similar repeat structure as the rectangle in the video. Instead of copy and pasting 7 individual triangles in a z stack and tweaking them, would be more efficient to have a function that draws the triangle initially. Then play with offset, color (or opacity) and animation time.

Although in a very ITP fashion I lost my sketch (and will rebuild) but at the very least had video of it when it was working. And hope to post to gitup soon





  • how to parse a crash log
  • how to fix team names
  • how to import fonts
  • how to work with sound files
  • easy eyedropper / color picker?


Week 2 lab/homework  covered a range of things including:

  • Anatomy of an iOS App, UI Design, Prototyping Tools
  • Swift Programming, Swift playgrounds
  • SwiftUI Basics
  • UI development, layout design

Design and develop an interactive poster starting with the poster code kit

  • Select an artist, movie, musician, etc. as inspiration
  • Poster needs to include type AND images (graphic or photography)
  • Make it interactive: On tap apply animation
  • Post documentation to #sp2020-homework channel on Slack. Include the following:
    • Source of inspiration
    • 1-2 sentence description
    • 2-3 screenshots
    • short video
    • GitHub link to code


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