Magic Windows: AR Target brainstorm


Lotus style brainstorm around “How to Convey a Narrative Experience using AR targets”

Center of Lotus: 

  • What are the strengths of AR targets?
  • What are the weaknesses of AR targets generally?
  • How to explore AR targets in thesis quilt project
  • How to break away from a rectilinear target shape / boundary of mobile device?
  • How to further mesh the AR world into the physical environment / tricks to avoide gimmicky pitfalls?
  • Who is telling the story – narrator/reader relationship or perspective?
  • What is the experience “end goal” vibe?
  • What materials do you want to augment / use as targets?


Petal pages:

  • What are the strengths of AR targets?
    • How to maximize for AR’s ability to be experienced mobilely, through a wide range of physical space?
    • How to best get at the feeling of discovery?
    • How do you want to “edit”/ manipulate surroundings?
    • What “realities” do you want to question?
    • How to use voice activation as a narrative device?
    • What is not “visible” in physical world that you wish to see or experience?
    • What is “visible” in physical world that you wish to rearrange, remove or re-imagine?
    • How might sound be altered- shifted or triggered to convey a narrative through target based AR


  • What are weaknesses of AR? 
    • How to break out of AR’s boundary of the mobile device shape?
    • How to avoid the experience from feeling “gimicky” or derivative?
    • How to make accessible? for those who dont own smart mobile devices and for a range of abilities
    • how to design for quick data download?
    • how do you minimize the motion sickness/ feeling for other participants that are not contoling the device?
    • How to make it a social interaction
    • how to make the mobile screen not the end goal but to better observe the physical world around you
    • What are some onboarding tricks for AR use? Or quick prompts to make the experience feel more “immersive” / interactive?


  • What materials do you want to augment / use as targets?
    • objects / moments of a relationship to something or someone?
    • somethings along lines of ingredients in kitchen suggesting recipes with items on hand
    • best ways to use AR to reveal the multiplicity of histories (or untold histories)
    • how to bring to light / manifest stories through objects
    • how to draw with our bodies in space?
    • seeing other human interaction in the AR world, multi-player interaction
    • thinking about wearables, how to create fun narrative interactions through worn objects
    • augmenting symbolic physical or public spaces ex: Stonewall Forever AR at Christoper Park  / or in a digital humanities way using the plaques in botanitcal gardens shakespeare garden to augment different passages


  • What is the experience “end goal” vibe 
    • what design aesthetic? [nostalgic, referential to a specific moment in design history]
    • how do you encourage user to experience / play w/ several elements if designed as a nonlinear, explorative story experience?
    • Does it celebrate or commemorate something specific?
    • Does the interaction contribute to a larger dialogue?
    • what is the duration of the experience?
    • who is the primary & secondary user?
    • how to design for an immersive educational tool / experience?
    • what emotional tone do you want?


  • How to avoid AR from feeling gimmicky? To further mesh the physical & AR space together?
    • What are AR techniques that other people feel worn out on?
    • How to have experience the grounded in geolocation
    • what are optical tricks that AR apps have used to help you suspend belief?
    • how to have animation style or visuals better match the physical environment? (if elevates the story?)
    • What are new innovations in the AR space?
    • What are techniques /experiences that feel overplayed to you?
    • What are everyday tasks that AR could help make easier, more accessible, beneficial for routine use? think openlab parsons
    • How can sounds best support and round out the experience?


  • How to break away from a rectilinear target shape / mobile screen? 
    • how to fold the ar mobile device intro an outward facing screen of a wearable?
    • what are effective playful 3d everyday objects to use as targets?
    • how to creatively design sfx and music in interaction
    • building a physical handheld object around the mobile space
    • how to use textures naturally found in our everyday?
    • are there physical objects in public space that can be used?
    • could duration of day function as creating different targets but still the same object?
    • could using prompts through geolocation support a more exciting experience?


  • how to effectively / creatively use AR targets in thesis quilt? 
    • how to have multiple pathways / pages in AR experience [magnifier / find leaf mode vs a more info button / return home screen]
    • how to fold in real world collection or experience into the trigger
    • what is the action that brings the user into the ‘magic circle’ as we talked about in Joy of Games?
    • Which AR tools to use in the deliverable time frame?
    • What types of mark making in quilting can be mirrored in the ar animation experiment
    • what size or spacing between targets is most effective
    • how to fold in gamification or badge collection?
    • how to have it reel like it naturally enhances the project / feels integrated vs a tacked on buzzwordy tech method?


  • who is telling the story?
    • which voice do you want to use?
      • ex:3rd person omniscient
    • if in a digital humanities exercise of “thick” storymapping, who built the map that the stories are being placed or imbedded?
    • historical / educational?
    • revealing multiple histories & stories around a specific topic
      • oral histories
    • does the augmented target unfold the narrative through onscreen visuals (having to watch) verses visual cues to inspire you to looks around the screen?
    • how to develop experience to be player input driven, like a choose your own adventure or generative storyline?
    • how to design as a culture jamming activity / experience? who is dictating the culture? and who is creating the jam
    • what are storytelling narration or poetic devices  that could be helpful?(like breaking 4th wall(is there a 4th wall in ar)? or onomatopoeia / metaphors?



Value mapping – Prioritization

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