Pt 2 – Class 1

Review/Update/ Implementation Schedule

Give a short(5 minute) review/update to us all about your project. Has anything changed? Did you do research over the holiday that changed or augmented your thinking?

You can use this as a template for your presentation.


Break into small groups for further discussion: What will you finish by the end of the semester? What are your goals? Look at the requirements for a thesis on the Thesis Journal so you can incorporate them into your schedule. Make an implementation/production schedule (help on the Resources Section of the Thesis Journal)


Assignment 0 – post your personal , rubric, matrix


Assignment 1 – due in two weeks

Your final project is due in 2 weeks! Just kidding, sort of.  

Bring the first prototype of your project to class. Now you are out of your head–make it. If it’s screen based, make a demo sketch of  it. If it’s an object, make it (cardboard is great). Try to focus on making something that has some *testable* aspect. 


Assignment 2 – due in one week  

Send Sarah + residents your broad-strokes implementation plan. We’ll  review these together in class!

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