DaT: Verizon Media Visit + OT session

Today for Developing Assistive Tech we visited Verizon Media and met with Sam who showed us their accessibility lab. Sam also walked us through some interesting points about the company’s accessibility focus. Some things she addressed:

  • high contrast 4 to 1 for digital
  • to not use red and green alone as button signifiers but to always include text
  • label things in code / alt text that make sense – hamburger button example
  • magnification –> to make sure layout still remains similar and functional with magnification applied
  • that disability can be situational, temporary, or permanent.
  • that there are visible and invisible disabilities
  • they try for AA standards
  • captions, high contrast, dynamic text resizing, having symbols + text,  screen read labels and descriptions


Case Studies

Case study: Yahoo Finance App

  • User story Jeff  / brand loyalty –> knowing if certain companies tend to have accessibilty labs / focus

XR access w/ Cornell Tech –> how to make XR access for disabilities. How to create guidelines for all components to follow as we enter a mixed reality world

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