Joy of Games: Assignment #4 Marble Madness


Inspired by Anni Alber’s weavings and patterns for level design. How to have the restricted color palette objects cast into a theme for the level. Ex: Sandy tone = a sand physics material or to have the yellow be construction barriers that when collided bring you back to the start. Would like to comb back through and add some collisions & triggers, as well as more complex gameObjects like hinge movements.



Anni Albers
Wallhanging, 1984


Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 7.36.01 AM.png
Image of Anni Alber’s weavings
matching level to an albers wall hanging
matching level to an Albers wall hanging









Design Choices: 

  • Yellow blocks as kill / restart zones 
    • for a signifier added stripes to look more like construction barriers
  • Dark purple blocks
    • added physics material of bouncy to some
    • would like to make some hinges
  • Light purple blocks 
    • visual misdirection (could use as a powerup strip and add sound fx) /
  • White planes 
    • start & end
      • would like to add an onCollision or trigger
  • Tan platform
    • physics material of sandy
      • slower zone
  • White platform
    • physics material of icy
      • faster zone










References / Tutorials:  



  • note that collision is a bump, trigger is an overlap

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