Assignment 9 // Project roadmap

A. Heilmeier Questions as Needed

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 5.12.48 PM.png


Do you want it to be a hand pumped mechanism or an automated experience?

Do you want it to function by itself?

What scale would you like?

Whats the air control connection?



B. Research History & State-of-the-Art

  • inflatable man
  • cable push toys
  • catnip spray
  • inflatable
  • Durable Cotton twill used in many toys w soy or plant safe inks

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.20.26 PM.png






C. Generate a list of Experts to invite to talk with you by category





D. Generate a list of relevant soft or flexible materials.

Ordered Items from Seattle Fabrics:
3 Sample Packs
2 Fabric


** pet safety **

  • healthy inks
  • no small plastic parts that may break off and be consumed


E. Define specs

How do You know when it works?


  • if it inflates & deflates correctly
  • if cat is entertained / wants to play
  • durability / cost


F. Start Materials Explorations/1st Iterations


**temperature, time, pressure, cold clamp

***using alum to cool down


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