Paper Engineering: W3

Tab & Slot Structural explorations + Automatic Pull Strip Mechanism 
Went around and shared our homework assignments. A lot of people utilized cross sectioning as a way to strengthen their projects. We then also brainstormed our final projects and were assigned a modular assembly creation challenge.

He passed around a couple books and showed us online links to some examples of architectural paper popups he enjoyed like the Amsterdam Canal House below.  When someone mentioned they hoped to try a architectural project he mentioned that sometimes like the Harry Potter Popup book below its nice when its a fantastical place because it can allow you scale/realism flexiblity. And mentioned the Frank Gehry Popup book as an example that doesn’t quite hit the mark in that way.

His friend Simon Arzipe’s The Wild Pop-Up Object was really interesting as a storytelling mechanism that can continually rotated through 3 scenes.






We also explored a couple of different Slide Tongue Mechanisms / Automatic Pull Strips



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