Artist in the Archive // W4

Class 4 – 2/20/19

In this class we’ll dig deep into the data offerings from the LOC. Namely, we’ll learn to use the Library’s API, and make some small tools for retrieving data from it. We’ll also investigate some strange ideas about what other data the Library might hold, if you have the tools to measure it.

  • Library Section overviews:
    1. Catalina Gomez (Hispanic Reading Room) 12:15 – 12:40
    2. Kathleen O’Neil (Manuscripts) 12:45 – 1:10
    3. Ryan Brubacher (Prints & Photographs) 1:15 – 2:00

Readings, etc:

  1. From Code to Colors: Working with the Library of Congress JSON API – Laura Wrubel:
  2. LOC API GitHub Tutorial – John Scanella:
  3. Sampling DNA From a 1,000-Year-Old Illuminated Manuscript – Sarah Zhang:


MARC-Y MARC: Using the provided Glitch template, create a visualization (interactive or not) which explores some particular aspect of the MARC records (authority records can also be used)

IN THE CROWD: In preparation for our class next week, create and account on and complete at least three transcriptions.


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