9 essential persona parts


Persona defined

A persona is a composite sketch of a target market based on validated commonalities – not assumptions – that informs content strategy to drive productive buyer engagement (i.e., revenue).

Tone of Voice & Style

To get value from your personas, you have to take the time to build them with enough depth and insight to enable your team to generate ideas and topics that resonate. A useful persona also informs you about tone of voice and style.

1. Create a day-in-the-life scenarioimage.png


2. State the persona’s specific objectivesimage.png


3. State the persona’s main problems




4. State the persona’s orientation toward their job




5. State the persona’s relevant obstacles




6. State the persona’s burning questions


7. State the persona’s content preferencesimage.png



8. State some keywords and phrases the persona would use




9. Sketch out engagement scenarios for the persona



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