Fabrication: 40/40


~ Ocean Soundwave lightbox~





  • Materials: walnut basswood hexagon box found at Blick + black paper/papertape
  • 40/40 = Walnut & Paper
    • (in retrospect was thinking maybe it was solid walnut? but with it from Blick? Maybe it’s actually plywood / could redo with ordering a nicer wood?)
  • Fastener of choice: Papertape (to help not damage the paper surface/ flexibility to change out front image in future)
    • will brainstorm more permanent fastener options
  • light source = LED string lights
  • drilled a hole for LED lights


  • ocean surf sound wave from Freesound.com, but conceptually would maybe work better with a wave of summer environmental sounds? or somehow create a more direct correlation to lightbox materials and soundwave


  • initial inspiration was a wide range of paper lantern & light box finds
  • used a nail to poke dots through black paper on front of light box like how I used to as a kid with aluminum foil to make candle holders / little constellation lanterns
    • enjoy that it looks almost like illuminated embroidery when the overhead lights are off / lightbox is on





(kid images from kidpunch/learnersinbloom post)

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