Midterm Project Idea




Pepper’s Ghost

My Halloween Midterm partner is the wonderful Jiwon Shin!  ❤ ❤ ❤  Initially we were inspired by the optical effect of a Pepper’s Ghost hologram .  After some super fun brainstorming (and some pepper’s ghost youtube watching), we landed on the idea of  using an accelerometer to sense if we’ve “shaken” ( tilted ) a bottle or not to help a trapped soul escape.We were very inspired by Yoko Ono’s exhibit “We are all water”


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.05.51 AM.png



Using our P5.js code, the accelerometer reads whether we’ve tilted the bottler or not, and keep count of “shakes” after you shake say 6 (maybe 3?) times, the image then escapes the bottle. With each shake, the image distorts some – utilizing a Particle Effect in the style of Nature of Code. We also thought that the particle effect did a great job of mirroring the distortion trope of many scary movies? of a slight but less scary headshake distortion?

The idea is that we will have an image imported in p5.js of a person on a smartphone screen, which is slid securely into a slot of our fabricated bottle. There will be a 45 degree angle piece of clear (or maybe 2 way mirrored? acrylic) That eerily reflects the smartphone screen, making the illusion of it floating in the bottle. Shake the bottle to help the soul/ person escape from the bottle ❤









Accelerometer, Acrylic, Smartphone, Arduino, P5.js






I met up with resident Yeseul Song to talk a little bit about Fabrication ideas and was very inspired by her project Liquid light, thinking about acrylic box construction & accelerometer.  As well as Animalia Chordata by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

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