Lab Review & Prototyping Tips



Prototyping Methods & Tips 

This week we watched videos about serial communication as well as videos to help us with the fabrication side of things. I learned lots of great tips from the past residents as well as excited to try both the acrylic enclosures and Tom Igoe’s idea of lasercutting mat board as a quick solution to keeping things organized in the prototype stage without sacrificing a week to build a box. Instead, it allows you to problem solve/user test in the interim – later developing a final box that best suits your project. I also had no idea you could twist wire like in Bendetta’s tip, and will take to heart what Luisa learned about wire flexibility and UI. Will make sure to use illustrator to help me imagine my UIs


I also really appreciated Tom’s ideas about how we have to shift our thinking when making interactive art – the idea to let the viewer / user interpret the work. [ Making Interactive Art: Set the Stage, Then Shut Up and Listen ]


Lab Review

This week I revisited some of the past labs, including Analog/Digital inputs & outputs. This Friday, in addition to meeting with my super fun mid-term partner  – I hope to continue to the lab review from this week, starting with Sensor testing into Serial communication labs. I also want to continue with the tone lab playing with FSRs + Flex sensors. Looking forward to the Programmable Air flyby this friday too 🙂 ❤






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