Importance of mental pictures w/ Robert Krulwich of Radiolab


Yesterday in applications, our guest speaker was Robert Krulwich. His talk was incredibly inspiring, reiterating the importance of building a mental visual image or metaphor that helps us understand math and science. That there’s an importance to distilling graphs and diagrams to stories and metaphors. He also played us a clip from their Fountain of Youth episode – where they anthropomorphized two genes a scientist was talking to help the listener [casting them as characters with sound-design and voice over elements]

He also talked about the importance of being transparent in the journalism field, and that they try to incorporate and show when they get it wrong and have to re-draft as well. That that’s all part of journalism – that it’s effective and necessary to show that curiosity can be messy, exciting, and difficult, documenting its process ❤

Episode on Color 


More soon!

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