PCOMP Lab: Electronics


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Lab Rundown

This weeks Electronics lab is broken down into 5 smaller labs:

Vimeo tutorials in this albumgroup, and channel


Testing The Meter



  • Touching Two Ends of a Wire
    • Now try touching the probes to two ends of a wire. Again, the meter should beep. The wire conducts electricity. There is a continuous flow of electricity from one end of the wire to another.


  • Touching Two Points on a Switch
    • If you touch two points on a switch, what happens when you switch the switch? Beep or no beep? When you close the switch, the meter should beep, indicating that there is continuity between the two probes of the meter. If the meter beeps whether the switch is open or closed, then those two points are always connected.


  • Probing Points on a Breadboard
    • Put a wire in one hole of a breadboard that has no circuit on it. Then put another wire in another hole, chosen at random. Measure continuity between the two wires. Did you get what you expected? If the two holes were in the same row (or in the same column, on the side of the board) then you would get continuity and the meter would beep. If they were in different rows, then it would not beep.


  • Measuring Continuity Across Your Hand
    • Try measuring the continuity across your hand. Do you get anything? Why or why not? You probably don’t because the resistance across your skin is so high that it doesn’t register as a continuous conductor. It can conduct small amounts of current though. You don’t want your body to carry high amounts of current or voltage though, because it can damage or kill you.


LEDS: Anode & Cathode







Link to Circuitboard Buildouts

Link to Creative Switch

Link to Readings




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